Team groups

Take a look what focus groups the MyBB Team consists of.

While the MyBB team is divided into separate groups below, these groups represent only primary tasks. Each member of the MyBB team is charged with pushing the MyBB project forward in any way they see fit.


The Management group supervises personnel changes, internal cooperation, permissions, platforms and the package release process.


The Support group organizes and provides support for the MyBB core on the Community Forums and chat platforms.


The Development group is formed by core contibutors to MyBB codebase and maintains the development discussion and suggestions.


The Quality Assurance group is responsible for reviewing contributions to code repositories, testing packages and verifying submitted issues related to MyBB Project's software.


The Community group oversees the communication and cooperation in the MyBB Community and assures the correct flow of feedback between the Community and the Team. Its members handle external inquiries, form official statements and manage social media accounts.