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MyBB 1.8.0

MyBB 1.8.0 was the first release in the MyBB 1.8 series. It was released on September 1, 2014. Many feature updates, performance improvements, security improvements, and antispam features were added in the release.

The 1.8 series was born to act as a bridge between the MyBB 1.6 series and MyBB 2.0, which would be a total rewrite of the software and take time. For this reason, the MyBB Team wanted to give the community something in between to give them modest updates while 2.0 would take longer to develop.

The 1.8 series development also marked the time when MyBB development moved away from the archaic RedMine ticketing system to GitHub, to allow for more community contributions and open development.

Some major features of this release can be found below. The 1.8 Release Blog Post has a more complete list.

General Look and Feel:

  • A new default theme
    • Attachable base colors, to allow for easy use of color variations of a similar theme
  • Move to jQuery as a replacement for PrototypeJS
  • Custom Profile Fields can be displayed in the postbit
  • Remove Hardcoded HTML
  • Axed Overqualified Selectors
  • Publicly shown poll end date
  • Hide stuff users don’t have permission to use


  • AdminCP PIN
  • Antispam improvements (below)

External Integration:

  • Integrate Gravatar for user avatars, to replace the aging Avatar Gallery
  • Login Datahandler, to allow integrations with external login systems
  • CDN Compatibility for faster distribution of assets
  • Check new members against StopForumSpam

Moderation Improvements & Antispam:

  • Moderate Groups, such as to verify that users are legitimate posters before they could potentially spam your board
  • Report Center in the ModCP
  • Soft Deletion of posts or threads
  • Goodbye Spammer, for rapid pwning of spammers
  • Edit Reason when editing a post, to keep track of what happened when the post was last edited
  • Are You a Human CAPTCHA
  • Question and Answer captcha

Technical Improvements:

  • Replace CodePress with CodeMirror, for better template editing
  • Better IPv6 functionality
  • APC cache handler

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