Help maintain the MyBB Project by donating money for servers, domains, services and audits.

Current financial status

The MyBB Project's expenses are currently being covered by the MyBB Team and due to financial stability and legal reasons we currently do not accept direct donations.

You can, however, support authors of themes and plugins by using the Donate button on Extend project pages.

Similarly, we recommend supporting like-minded third party projects listed below.

Consider donating to...

  • GNU Privacy Guard

    GnuPG is a free implementation of the OpenPGP standard providing encryption and authentication solutions. MyBB uses GnuPG to maintain a secure release process and provide package verification features.

    Donate to GnuPG →

  • Electronic Frontier Foundation

    The EFF is an international non-profit protecting privacy, innovation and free expression rights. MyBB benefits from their support of open source software and encryption technologies.

    Donate to the EFF →

  • OpenBSD

    The OpenBSD project produces a free operating system emphasizing quality, portability and security. MyBB relies on sustained compatibility and standardization in the web stack environment.

    Donate to OpenBSD →