MyBB Ecosystem

The MyBB project spreads across numerous platforms and services. Here you can learn what whey are used for, how to get involved into specific parts of the project's operation and what assets are being maintained by the MyBB Group.

Workflow platforms

Public platforms where the main activities focus

The Community Forums provide official support for MyBB software and host development discussions and suggestions.

The Extend section, containing MyBB plugins, themes and translations is integrated into the MyBB installation.

Visit our Community Forums →

GitHub is the primary stage of our development, where the source code of versions both stable and in progress is being stored.

We use GitHub Pages to host and

Visit the mybb organization page for an overview of our code repositories. hosts the MyBB Blog containing release notes, development information and project-related updates.

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We use Trello boards to organize our daily tasks within the Team and to maintain up to date lists of issues regarding our project and software. Certain boards are being posted publicly for overview and feedback.

Social & communication platforms

Track latest news and engage with our Community

Twitter allows us to to quickly post announcements regarding our project and to communicate with the MyBB Community.

Follow mybb for general information and announcements.

Follow mybbsecurity for security-related news, security release summaries, articles and advisories.

Discord hosts our discussion channels, used by the Team as well as the Community.

Join our Discord server → simplifies the distribution of public keys for encrypted communication. You can find MyBB Team members here through our main account.

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Internal tools

Services improving internal processes and flow of information

We use Google Apps for our mailboxes and file storage.

The PhpStorm PHP IDE under an open source projects license is being used by Team members to develop our software.

1Password helps Team members exchange passwords, keys and other secrets related to Project maintenance.

MyBB-managed infrastructure

Assets owned and managed by the MyBB Team


The domain, providing access to our websites.

Community server

The Community server, located in the United States, hosting our Community Forums, Mods site and Resource downloads.

Proxy server

The proxy server, located in the United States, used as a relay for e-mail messages and external resources referenced on the Community forums.