RFC Documents

Accepted MyBB RFC documents and the Request For Comments process.

Documentation and transparency standards


The vast majority of proper manuals and documentation, both public and addressed to MyBB Team members, is either outdated or missing, which limits the communication with the Community and slows down the internal workflow.

While the process of creating relevant documents has already begun, it can be used as an opportunity to make our standards and procedures more transparent.


  • Aim to create proper documentation of our public and internal workflow while maintaining high readability, simplicity and keep it up to date,
  • MyBB, as an open source and community-supported software, should make the information and details on its organization, workflow and operating standards and procedures available to the public knowledge with the exception of information which restricted status is considered necessary in order to maintain efficient and uninterrupted operation and provide a high standard of quality, security and privacy. General or otherwise important specifications related to the MyBB Project and its structure should be published in the Docs section, corresponding GitHub repositories, Community forums or other, publicly accessible sites and its management should be able to respond to information inquiries which publication do not impose a harm to the Project,
  • increase the flow of internal (restricted) information to provide high quality products and services.

Effects & Implications

Transparency policy

The Team will aim to deprecate the security through obscurity practice and publish all information and documents, especially those related to operating standards and procedures, whenever such possibility arises if the publication of such materials does not negatively impact the Project.

Issues affecting users directly

Additionally, affected users should be informed about the issues when there is a concern that safety of their account or personal information might have been/might become compromised (e.g. via an e-mail message).

Issues regarding the MyBB Project

Issues resulting in improper or unintended actions and behavior causing harm to the Project or the Community should be addressed publicly, explaining the cause/reason, magnitude of damage (if suitable) and actions taken by the MyBB Team.

Internal staff concerns

Suspicions and inconsistencies involving security of Project-bound and personal accounts (Community forums and 3rd party services), issues that may cause damage, disclosure of restricted information or otherwise impact the MyBB Group, its projects and their security or reputation should be reported internally.


To follow best practices of open-source and community-supported software:

  • provide a high quality documentation
  • make the Community better informed by increasing transparency
  • provide useful information on internal procedures to other projects seeking such advice
  • respond quickly to issues regarding the security of the Project


  • simplify and establish internal procedures
  • make the introduction of new team members faster and more efficient


  • First draft: 8 Aug 2015
  • Author(s): Devilshakerz
  • Status: Accepted
Voting started Voting ended Quorum Yes No Abstain
3 Sep 2015 17 Sep 2015 12 11 1 1